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Vetrepreneur – Welcome to the Warrior Academy.  Here at Warrior Rising we exist to help YOU achieve success in business through partnerships, coaching and later mentoring, as well as funding opportunities, while providing you with opportunities to earn their own employment, create sustainable businesses and perpetuate the hiring of fellow U.S. Military veterans.

You possess acquired skills, taught and perfected by your experience in the military, that are highly transferable and beneficial to owning a business – by this, you’d think business ownership would come easy to veterans, right? Well, it doesn’t.

The Purpose of Warrior Academy:  To empower you to explore, discern and create a business from a simple idea that addresses a pain you are trying to solve. The Warrior Academy provides you a basic course intended for entrepreneurship or start ups and encourages you to adopt a certain mindset. Our VETtoCEO advanced program (which you will explore after completing this program) focuses on elevating those basic skills to the next level – including starting a franchise, buying an existing business, or accelerating an existing business. If you are already well on your way in your business journey, please continue to go through the Warrior Academy and use it as a refresher.

The Objective of Warrior Academy:  To uncover –



Utilizing the 5 Paragraph Operations Order (OPORD) Format, Warrior Rising Academy will break down your idea into its parts and put them back together to formulate a business plan, introducing you to key business concepts, evidence based best practices, and proven business principles.

In order to help you construct and organize your business, we will start you out by putting your concept into a business canvas. Later, you will transfer this into a full-fledged business plan and finally into a pitch deck. For more information on what a business canvas is, see the link in the Resources list below. In addition, you can use this tool provided by Launch Plan (click link here to register: Launch Plan free intro account) to create one.

So BEST OF LUCK WARRIOR! Note: The difference between a business and a hobby making money! In the Warrior Academy, we are going to provide you tools, not build the ship for you. So to set expectations up front: Whether or not your business succeeds or fails is on you. Let s move out…

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