Pitch Johnny Criteria Definitions

Idea/Business Concept:

  • It is important to define your idea/product so that the judges can understand how, in an
    innovative way, it addresses the market problem being solved.
  • The extent to which the participant provided a clear and convincing description of a
    problem or opportunity. Consider how innovative the idea is as well as the
    importance and scope of the problem/opportunity.
  • Key Question: Has the team presented a relevant problem (market need)? Does their idea solve that problem

Market Need: Has the team shown that their idea/concept is needed in the market?

  • Judges want to see what level of knowledge you have of the market in which you are
    competing. What is your capacity to recognize and describe the problem you are
    solving? You must know and communicate well who your competition is and how you
    compare with them3 (also value proposition).
  • “Marketplace needs” is a marketing concept that relates to the functional or emotional
    needs or desires of a target market. Generally, a successful company identifies when a
    segment of customers is not effectively served by existing providers and develops
    and promotes products or services to match.4
  • Key Question: Does the pitch answer the need in the market place? Does the pitch show
    that the idea/innovation is necessary?

Value Proposition: Why is my idea or innovation valuable?

  • Product/service info and how it will solve the problem or take advantage of the
    opportunity (value proposition).5
  • A value proposition is a promise by a company to a customer or consumer segment. It is an easy-to-understand reason why a customer should purchase a product or service from that specific business. A value proposition should be a clear statement that explains how a product solves a pain point, communicates the specifics of its added benefit, and states the reason why it’s better than similar products on the market. The ideal value proposition is concise, and it appeals to a customer’s strongest decision-making drivers… A company’s value proposition communicates the number one reason why a product or service is best suited for a customer segment. 6
  • Key Question: Has the team shown why their idea has value, that their innovation is the
    best suited for solving the market need?

Feasibility: Has the team shown that this idea can be done?

  • The extent to which implementation of the idea/solution is feasible, considering the time, capital, and other resources that will be required. Additionally, the likelihood of being able to successfully market the solution.
  • A demonstration that the venture can be successfully implemented. Does the initiative aspire towards clear, realistic and achievable goals, while thinking big? Can it be implemented effectively?
  • The state or degree of being easily or conveniently done
  • Key Question: Has the team shown that their idea/innovation can be simply implemented/used by their target consumer

Passion & Presentation: Was the team passionate about their concept? Did they professionally present their idea?

  • Overall effectiveness of the actual presentation. Did the presenter(s) engage the audience and hold their attention? Did the presenter(s) appear to speak with confidence authority? Was the pitch exciting and compelling? How efficiently did the team allot their time?9
  • Key Question: Did the team confidently deliver a clear, concise message, presented in a professional manner


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